Segregated Accounts

Segregated accounts are usually defined as segregated funds, where brokers separate the client’s funds from the company account via bank custodian services. The funds in the segregated accounts can only be used by clients. It will protect the client or investor’s investment funds from being used by other forex brokers so the client’s funds will not be at risk even if the broker’s business model encounters problems. Forex brokers cannot use these segregated funds for operations, and thus it is an efficient and transparent way to protect the clients funds.

JAG Markets attaches great importance to fund security as we treat it as our first priority. We spare no efforts to protect clients’ funds and guarantee integrity of our trading platform. For the purpose of minimizing risks related to segregated funds, JAG Markets has carefully selected global top-tier banks for banking supervision. All client funds are separated completely from company’s reserves and kept in a separate bank account. Under no circumstance can client funds be used by other clients, or suffer any losses due to losses of other clients. Therefore, clients’ funds will not be accessed by others. Should there be an event of insolvency, clients’ funds will not be used to pay off creditors, and all funds can be withdrawn normally.

Role of Financial Regulation:

1. Assurance that loans will be issued fairly and effectively so as to avoid funds misappropriation, fraud activities or improper risk transfer.
2. To some extent, financial regulation can also be used to avoid the excessive centralization of loans in a particular sector.
3 Bank failures not only cost a large amount of money, but also affect the national economy. High level of financial regulation can improve social welfare.
4. The central bank adheres to monetary policies relating to currency reserves and asset allocation. Financial regulation can guarantee the smooth transmission of banking services during the implementation of monetary policies.
5. Financial regulation provides trading accounts that transmit risk information about the financial markets.

Financial Regulation of JAG Markets

JAG Markets is dedicated to protecting clients’ fund security and always holding the principle of ‘the client comes first.’ Each transaction made in JAG Markets will be under the supervision of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission and Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, providing the most efficient and transparent transaction services to our clients and minimizing risks to ensure the continued interests of depositors and investors.

ASIC – Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Australian Securities & Investments Commission, hereinafter referred to as ASIC, observes and implements legislative provisions about financial markets, financial intermediaries, as well as financial products.
Basic functions of ASIC includes the maintenance of market integrity and the protection of consumer rights. Maintaining market integrity refers to the prevention of manipulation, fraud and unfair competition occurring in the markets, and the protection of market participants from financial fraud and other such unfair acts, thereby strengthening investor’s confidence in the financial market and maintaining market stability. Through disclosing adequate and timely market information, protecting client rights refers to the guaranteeing of integrity and fairness of financial companies as well as the securities and options markets, in addition to making sure minority investors acquire sufficient and accurate information. Whenever investor rights suffer losses from unfair treatments, they can get compensation through appropriate means.

VFSC – Vanuatu Financial Services Commission

Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, hereinafter referred to as VFSC, was formally established in December 1993, after the Vanuatu Parliament enacted the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Act No. 35 of 1993. Through comprehensive and regular inspection and supervision, VFSC aim to facilitate financial institutions to develop steadily in accordance with law. In this way, it can protect the interests of depositors and investors, minimize risks that the banking industry faces and promote the healthy development of the global economy.

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